The Campaign for a Bradley Renaissance: A Multimedia Introduction

Since the Campaign for a Bradley Renaissance has now been officially opened, I can start talking about the gala kickoff event, which Bradley's Multimedia and Theatre programs collaborated on to produce.

I took point on a good deal of the interactive portions of the night: alumni text messaging onto the big screens, an interactive "Bradley College Bowl" quiz app that pitted tables against one another to answer BU trivia, and some apps to display photographs that were being taken and delivered to us behind the scenes with WiFi. We also built a special iPhone interface that showed photos being taken at the event and so that iPhone users wouldn't have to use SMS messages to participate.

Drupal Dojo Credits Animation

Now that I'm on the lookout for ways to contribute back beyond writing documentation and use cases for SWFAddress (which we're working on in hopes that we'll get to give our Boston DrupalCon talk,) I took a look through the DROP queue yesterday, and saw one relating to creating a credits video for the Drupal Dojo sessions.

I thought this would be a great way to combine a little After Effects skill-building with a contribution back to Drupal. I ended up not using any After Effects, but instead GarageBand, Soundbooth, and Flash for the animation. I also took advantage of a fantastic new CS3 feature - Export to Video. Hit the Read more link to get a look at my first draft for the Dojo outro.

After Effects and Flash 3D Animation

When I do side work, I do it under the moniker of SquareBaby LLC. I've also been playing with After Effects recently, because I want to get back into digital film production.

So I created a SWF of an animated version of the logo, and then effortlessly turned into a 6-second 3D animation using After Effects. It's hosted at Vimeo, my new favorite video hosting site.

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