Druplash and Druplex at DrupalCamp Wisconsin!

Brian McMurray and I will be presenting at DrupalCamp Wisconsin in January.

He and I will do a session on using Drupal to content-manage Flash and/or Flex sites and I may have a student who will be working on the same thing there. (We like to call these techniques Druplash and Druplex, respectively.)

In addition, David Needham, an MM 365 student of mine recently completed an above-and-beyond class project for MM 365. While everyone else did static standards-based company sites, he did a full Drupal e-commerce site for ParaModal (the mock company they were all making sites for.) He also nabbed the top search engine rank for that term thus far, which will net him some extra credit.

One of the DrupalCampWI participants wanted a presentation on Drupal and ?bercart, so I'm going to work with David on turning his experiences into a talk / demonstration.


Can't wait to hear your presentation. Thanks for volunteering!

Thanks guys, can't wait to see what you present at DrupalCampWisconsin.