September 2007

Menu Administration Usability in Drupal

An interesting observation on handling Menu Items inside of Drupal:

In the Drupal 5 menu administration panel, disabling a menu item is a one-click process.

When you click on the enable link, it takes you to the exact same screen as if you had clicked the edit button on an enabled link, and there is no edit button next to a disabled menu item.

This is poor usability: clicking on the disable button is a one-click process, and if I'm re-enabling a menu item, I in general don't want to move it around in the main navigation menu or change its weight - I want it to be visible again to my users.

I would rather that Drupal give menu items an edit link again which allows you to edit the menu item and choose whether or not to enable it on save, and a dedicated, one-click enable link.

This post was born out of my frustration after accidentally disabling many menu items on the new Bradley Multimedia site, and discovering that the enable link was really an edit link, and that I didn't have the choice.

Dog + Window + Perfectly Mistimed IM = Hilarity

The following is an AIM conversation which took place about 10 minutes ago. Notice my friend Jeremy's perfectly inappropriate timing.

You there?
I heard what you were thinking just now.
Normally I'd have guessed "Buh"
But not today.
And what was I thinking?
"I need a dog, or know someone who does."
Are you kidding?
I am not.
My Dad is in Branson this weekend
and he found a puppy on the side of the road
Border Collie Mix, ten weeks old
BEAUTIFUL dog, great personality
Jeremy, let me tell you a little story.
A good friend of mine recently moved back to England, and asked that I watch his dog before it went to live on a farm in the country.
So I have this BEAUTIFUL dog, great personality, etc.
The person on the farm never agreed to take said dog.
So we're trying to find a home for a dog at the moment.
About an hour and a half ago, this temporary dog BROKE MY BEDROOM WINDOW.
I just spent 20 minutes vacuuming glass out of my bed.
So I'm actually not looking for any dogs at the moment.
But your timing was hilariously perfect.

Pics of the broken window to come soon.

You Can Never Have Too Much Snark

This was a brief message I sent to during their $10 sale, which ended yesterday:

Hey guys - your XXL link off the home page doesn't work and hasn't for some time. Where's the love for the husky guys?


Steven W. Merrill
Portly Fan to me in reply: